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Is there a Balloon? If so, when is it due?

When was the 1st Payment made?

Have the payments been made on time?

Has your Payer made any principal reduction payments? If so, when and how much?

Do you know the credit score of the Payer(s)?

If this is a Commercial Note, how much of the Sales Price was for Equipment, Inventory or Business?

Is the Payer an Individual or Corporation? If Corporate, did they sign a Personal Guarantee?

When did you purchase this Property, and what was the Purchase price?

Did you purchase a Title Lender's Policy when you created this Note or Contract?

Do you want to sell the whole Note, or a stream of payments?

What are your expectations, as far as price, for your Note?

Are you personally receiving these payments?

Additional Information or Comments

Use this  Form to submit your Note information. If you would prefer a phone call, submit the Form with your name, email and phone number. One of our Representatives will contact you within 1 business day.


Contact Information

Eden C Jensen, Owner


Jamie L. Moore, Closing Officer


Fax: 918-515-6648


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